1.2 Social constructs of crime

1.2 Labelling theory 

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  • Social constructs of crime
    • Dark Figure of Crime
      • the difference between stats and the real rate of crime is sometimes called this because it's unclear how much crime goes undetected
    • Alternative Statistics
      • some sociologists use victim surveys to gain a more accurate view on the amount of crime which can add to our view of crime
      • but they have limitations a people may forget, conceal or exaggerate
    • Moral Panic
      • reaction/ outrage whipped up by the media or agencies of social control
    • Deviancy Amplifications
      • when media coverage or the response by agencies of social control to a crime results in more crime or a 'perceived' increase in crime
    • Folk Devil
      • a person/group of people who are portrayed in folklore or the media as outsiders or deviant and who are blamed for crimes


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