1.3 Harm and abuse

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  • 1.3 Harm and Abuse
    • anyone in health, social care and child care settings can be vulnerable
      • abuse from paid worker, care staff, family, friends
      • carried out by individuals who require care and support
        • may be verbally or physically aggressive to others
    • Intentional abuse
      • care assistant using an individual's money to buy their own things
        • financial abuse
      • can be deliberate
      • child care worker not ensuring a child eats or wears warm clothes outside
        • neglect
    • Unintentional abuse
      • can also be unintentional, through poor care
      • senior care worker moving an individual in a careless manner
        • unintentional physical abuse
      • play group volunteer forgets to ask the children to wash their hands
        • unintentional neglect
        • putting them in danger of illnesses and infections
    • Effects of abuse
      • short-term
        • bruises, cuts, broken bones
        • contracting an STI
        • low self-esteem
        • feeling angry, anxious or fearful
        • poor self-image
        • displaying challenging behaviour
      • long-term
        • low self-esteem
        • feeling angry, anxious or fearful
        • difficulties trusting others
        • developing self-harming, depression and suicidal behaviour
        • inability to sleep
        • hypertension, anorexia, obesity
      • can have far reaching effects on health and wellbeing


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