1.3.1 Changing Places: Relationships and Connections

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  • Changing Places: Relationships and Connections (1.3.1)
    • Place
      • Location + Place
        • Location is the physical point of where a place is.
        • A place is a location which has different meanings to various people
      • Placelessness
        • Suggests that a place is not unique
        • Dominance of chain shops create clone towns
      • Attachment
        • The greater the intensity and number of experiences you have of a place, the greater sense of attachment you will have
        • Topophilia is the love of a place, topophobia is the dislike of a place
      • Types of place
        • Near place are those which feel close to us
        • Far place that are those that are distant
        • Both near and far place are subjective it may be far and feel close and visa versa
        • Experienced places are those that we have visited
        • Media places are those that we have learned about through representations
      • Genus Loci is the spirit id a place
      • Place character relates to the specific attributes or features of a place.
    • Factors Which Affect A Place
      • Endogenous Factors - originate from within a place
        • Land Use
        • Topography
        • Physical Geography
        • Infrastructure
        • Demographic Characteristic
        • Built Environment
        • Location
        • Economic Characterstic
      • Exogenous Factors - originate from outside a place
        • People
        • Money and Investment
        • Recources
        • Ideas
    • Perspective On Places
      • Insiders are those that feel at home within a place
      • Outsiders are those that feel out of place in a place
        • This feeling can change over time and isn't necessarily long-term
        • In some circumstance people who once felt like insiders can begin to feel like outsiders due to a change in a place
      • The Other
        • Refers to people who are unfamiliar or different from the self
        • When people are considered 'other' it makes it easier to be prejudiced against them
        • 'Other' can also lead to a lack of social integration which can lead to conflict as different people have different ideas about how an area should develop


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