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  • Family diversity
    • Functionalist perspective
      • moved from extended to now isolated nuclear.
      • Family had become privatised so kinship is no longer necessary
      • Cereal packet family - ideological message portrayed in the media
        • Most functional for society outlined by Parsons and Murdock
    • Neo-conventionalist perspective
      • Has been an increase in family diversity but not significant
        • Biggest shift from nuclear to neo-conventional family
          • Dual earners and conjugal roles are joint
        • Nuclear family is in a decline
    • Extended family
      • Extended kin are less likely to live with them but stay in touch by technology
      • Modified extended family
        • 1.the local extended family 2. The dispersed extended family 3. The attenuated extended family
    • Reasons for an increase in beanpole families
      • decrease in birth rate
      • smaller family sizes - fewer siblings
      • increased life expectancy
    • Single parent families
      • Single parent families now make up 14.9% of all families with children
      • reasons for single parent families
        • Decline in social stigma
        • CPOW
        • Changes in divorce laws


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