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  • Family diversity 6.2
    • The New Right POV on single parent families
      • Leads to a breakdown of traditional values and increased reliance of state benefit
      • Charles Murray - 'Dependency culture'
    • Types of family diversity
      • Pluralistic British society
      • Rapoport and Rapoport - argues that only a minority of families resemble the ideal nuclear family
        • Organisational diversity = sharing conjugal roles
        • Life stage diversity = we will experience different types of family structures
        • Cultural diversity
    • Ethnic differences in family patterns
      • Reynolds - Found that greater diversity was based on the culture
        • Lone-parent families may be in visiting relationships
    • Step families
      • 10% of all families with dependent children.
      • Allan and Crow = stepfamilies may face particular problems of divided loyalties which cause tensions
      • Reasons for increased step families
        • Secularisation
        • Changes in law
        • CPOW
    • Giddens - Individuation thesis. Greater quality and choice. Pure relationship and plastic sexuality and less stable.
    • Beck - Risk society and the negotiated family. Tradition has less influence and people have more choice.
      • The patriarchal family has been undermined by two trends
        • Greater gender equality
        • Greater Individualism
        • The negotiated family don't conform to any one standard or traditional family norm


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