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  • To what extent did the role of parliament in the government of England change during the period 1485–1603?
    • LOA- not to a great extent
    • P1 - yes
      • Hvii used parliament to declare him king and back date his regin 1485
        • shows that parliament were starting to gain a more important role in government
      • small monasteries were dissolved by an act of parliament in 1536
        • shows that they still held significance
    • P2 - no
      • Hviii- parliament was mostly inactive
        • only called 4 times 1509-29
        • only sat for 72 weeks
      • was only really called when money was needed
    • P3- no
      • 1602- elizabeths golden speech
        • asserted her primary position as monarch
          • shows that parliament's role was virtually the same


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