3.1 role of human resources

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  • 3.1
    • factors influencing the human resource needs of a business:
      • the method of production: can machines rather than workers be used?
      • how much it produces: how many workers a business will need?
      • when production needs to take place: when are workers needed, part time or full?
      • what it produces: does it require unskilled or skilled workers?
      • the functions or jobs to be completed: what type of workers are needed-finance, production, marketing, human resources etc.
      • the budget available to the business: how much can be spent on workers?
    • functions: different types of work that need to be done in business for example in production, finance and marketing
    • human resources: the different types of workers employed by a business
    • identifying human resources needs: the act of thinking about the purposes of human resources and how many and what types of workers will be needed
    • personnel plan: a plan detailing the employees a business needs-how many, whether they will be full or part time workers, the skills they should have and when they will work


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