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  • 3.3 Justify a campaign for change
    • Assessment criteria
      • Band 3 11-15 marks
        • You must give a clear and detailed justification that is well reasoned. conclusions are supported by relevant judgements including the use of persuasive language.
      • Band 2 6-10 marks
        • Some justification is well reasoned. the response is largely descriptive but includes some appropriate judgements. persuasive language is used.
      • Band 1 1-5 marks
        • Limited justification of campaign for change. Evidence is largely descriptive with few judgements.
    • Must explain why your campaign is necessary and what impact you hope to achieve with it.
      • Sentence Starters for a domestic abuse campaign
        • Without a campaign like this it is likely that people wont know how to spot and deal with domestic abuse and wont be educated on this crime.
        • This is an important area to address because what with covid-19 the number of domestic abuse cases have risen
        • However, with a campaign highlighting this issue, it could result in an increase of honour crime because the victims might not realise that their situation is abusive and when they report it the offenders might go after them.
        • I chose to focus my campaign on domestic abuse because it is under reported.
    • Use statistics and other research
    • Give reasons why you chose the things you chose
      • Logo?
      • Name?
        • What made you chose that name?
      • Slogan?
        • If there isn't a slogan then why didn't you chose a slogan?
      • What merchandise is there?
        • Why did you chose that merchandise?
          • How and where would you sell it?
    • Use persuasive language
      • Sentence starters for persuasive language
        • I used the term ... because it conveys ...
        • I focused on ... because ... This is convincing to the audience because ...
        • I designed the layout to include... This is because ...
        • The language is persuasive because it ...


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