5.2 La Prensa ha muerto... viva la prensa!

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  • 5.2 La Prensa ha muerto... viva la prensa!
    • The rise in electronic media has had an enormous effect on the economic, social and political lives of everyone.
      • Information is at our fingertips
        • Cons
          • Search engines are dominating the financial world
          • Conentional advertising is losing income
          • global economic crisis
          • Problems for print media.
        • Solutions
          • Offer quality content
        • Pros
          • Content can be enriched with videos or photogalleries
          • Those who travel in other countries can still access local news
          • Free
          • All towns can be reached, regardless of the state of the roads.
          • No defective copies
          • News available instantly, anytime, anywhere
    • Revistas de Corazon
      • Pros
        • Being nosey is a human instinct, you can do this withough hurting friends and family
        • carefree, no negativity from actual world news
        • Relaxing, don't need to use your brain
      • Cons
        • Shows it's okay to gossip
        • Insults on celeb bodies and seeing slim celebs reinforces the ideal body type
          • Leading to insecurities or eating disorders.
        • Doesn't require thinking
      • Mexico
        • Quien
        • Hola!
      • Spain
        • Salvame
        • Pronto
        • QMD (Que Me Dices!)
    • Digital vs. Print media
      • Digital
        • Cheaper or even free
        • Cheaper to make and distribute
        • Immeditate
        • Large reach
          • no borders
        • iteractive
        • offers rich content with videos and photos.
        • unlimited space
      • Solutions to keep print media alive
        • Adapt with the times, change its presentation and offer an attactive, original format.
        • find new innovative financing formulas because making print media is becoming more and more expensive.
        • Complement with a digital section


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