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  • 6C's
    • Made due to the Compassion In Practice strategy
      • For midwives and nurses
    • What are the 6C's?
      • Courage
        • To always do the right thing for service users
        • To speak up when there are concerns (poor practice)
      • Care
        • Ensuring that it is at the heart and core of health and social care
        • Ensuring that the care is provided is correct for the client throughout life
      • Commitment
        • Ensuring that the vision for service users can ne realised
        • Ensuring that the need of service users can be met consistently
      • Competence
        • Ensuring that staff are able to understand their service users needs
        • Ensuring that all staff have up to date expertise and knowledge to deliver care and suppport
      • Compassion
        • Ensuring that service users and their carers have care based on empathy, respect, and dignity
      • Communication
        • Ensuring that it is the centre of a caring relationship
        • Ensuring that staff have the ability to listen carefully to service users
        • To ensure the  involvement of the service user in decisions affecting their care
    • Care Cettificate
      • Incorporated into the certificate
        • Part of the 15 standards that need to be met
      • For:
        • Healthcare support workers
        • Adult social care workers
      • Introduced in 2015


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