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  • 8.1
    • Moral Decisions
      • Using the Bible
        • It is the word of God
        • has God's teachings on how to behave
        • Has Jesus' teachings on how to live
        • Records Jesus' actions which we follow
      • Using the Church
        • The Church is the 'Body of Christ'
        • God speaks through the Church today
        • Following church means we all follow same rules
        • Magisterium is church authority
      • Situation Ethics
        • Jesus acted in a similar way
        • Should only do things that lead to good results
        • 'Love thy neighbour'
        • Christianty is a religion based on love
    • Human Rights
      • Right to life covered by teaching of Sanctity of Life
      • Made in God's image= equal
      • Christian's are protected by these laws so should protect others
    • Electoral Processes
      • We should take part because...
        • Gives us some control
        • Make new laws which we could influence
        • Get a say in things like school and NHS
        • People fought for the right to vote-should be respected
      • Teachings on moral duties and responsibilites
        • the Golden Rule- don't vote for selfish parties
        • Parable of Sheep and Goats-vote for a party that is fair
        • Brother's Keeper- duty to look after others in need
    • Genetic Engineering + Cloning
        • Could lead to cures for incurable diseases
        • Does not involve loss of human life
        • Monitored closely by the law
        • Some countries already do it
        • No info on long-term consequences
        • Effects are irreversible
        • Gives too much power to scientists
        • Treats human body as simply a commodity
      • Liberal Protestants
        • Jesus was a healer
        • Creating cells isn't the same as creating people
        • Catholics
          • Killing an embryo is the same as killing a human
          • Life begins at conception
          • OTHERS
            • Humans should not interfere with God's will
            • Wrong to try and make the Earth perfect


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