9. Sexual Ethics: Desmond Tutu and other members of the Church's views on homosexuality

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  • 9. Sexual Ethics: Desmond Tutu and other members of the Church's views on homosexuality
    • Desmond Tutu
      • Agape - Xian love
        • Christian compassion
      • Imago Dei
        • All God's creation/reveal God/God's Children
        • Equality
        • Dignity
        • Blasphemy
          • "spitting in the face of God"
      • Why does Archbishop Tutu find it so wrong that same sex relationships are not viewed in the same way as heterosexual ones?
        • It's not a choice
          • If you could choose, why would you choose to be in a minority
        • It's God-given nature
          • Counters Natural Law view of homosexuality
        • It's an expression of sexuality in a loving way
        • Suggests sex can be a divine gift
          • Could be an expression of love of God
        • Links to Situation Ethics and Fletcher
    • Leviticus (18+19)
      • "You shall not lie with a man as you do a woman"
      • Old Testament
      • Context
        • Different sources
        • Jews
        • 3rd book
        • Nomads wandering - final Israel - 40 years, promised land
          • 613 laws
            • Enable them to stay alive, stable/peaceful, protection, worship God
            • Xians are cherry picking to maintain Church establishment
              • Interpret verse literally
              • Laws made sense at time for building another generation of Jews but does not make any sense in modern world
    • Sodom and Gomorrah
      • "To know"
        • Coitus
      • Traditionally sin
        • Homosexuality
      • Vengeance
      • Inhospitably (Lot was alien - receiving hospitality from a stranger in the city)
    • David and Jonathan
      • David was King of Israel, greatest of Kings of Israel
      • Suggestion he was romantically in love with Jonathan but David still had favour of God - therefore suggests homosexuality is not wrong within Christianity
        • Supposition - makes validity of argument questionable
    • Jesus
      • No direct teaching
        • No opinion?
        • Was alive during time of Roman Empire
          • Roman sex life (boy slaves, prostitution, same sex)
      • Attends a wedding between man and woman
        • Could suggest Jesus's teachings were marriage was only for heterosexual couples
        • Reiterates teachings of Genesis
          • Man shall leave his father and mother


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