a dolls house

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  • A Doll's House Act Two Section 3
    • Actor
      • Moment play first adult encounter following continual infantilisation of N so far
      • Dr. R mirror of N
        • Both victims of corrupt parents
      • N's 'slight start' - sudden realisation Ranks intentions
        • '(with a slight start) What do you mean?'
    • Director
      • Most intense moment of crisis
        • Literature of time indicated
          • Sinner like N - chance to redeem herself
            • Nursing for an invalid (Dr. R) - N shows selfish relief
              • N realises Rank's bad newsies about his illness
                • Suggesting play won't follow the same cliche
                  • Another example - Ibsen shocking audience - twist and turns not expecting
      • Section builds mood turns more sensual between two characters
        • Many stage directions
          • N 'Why are you looking so critical? Don't you think they'll fit me?'
          • R 'I can't really give you a qualified opinion on that'
          • (looks at him for a moment) shame on you! (Flicks him on the ear with he stockings)
            • Action - flickering Dr R. war - act of violence towards him
              • Angry he won't answer her
              • The material soft - actions more a kiss strokes against his ear
      • Characters move across stage frequently - constantly get up and sit down - looking through boxes - playfully flirting


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