a doll's house - australian adaptations

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  • a doll's house: australian adaptations
    • brisbane festival 2014
      • brisbane's la boite
        • when nora is dancing, the stage rotates as she spins
          • the world is quite literally revolving around her: signifying that this is her story now
        • nora is also in a very dramatic, pink and frilly dress
          • gender stereotypes, very 1800s doll-like
      • sydney's belvoir st theatre
        • set in the modern day
          • no frilly dresses here: nora is dressed like a modern woman
            • this makes her more relatable to a modern audience - she represents the modern woman
        • shows the difficulties women face balancing their careers and motherhood
        • Ends with 'times have changed', makes audience question whether they have, e.g. gender pay gap
        • 'my children cannot be a reason for being'
      • both productions have Nora walking out on Torvald and her children
      • no clear resolution for Nora demonstrates how society has not progressed that far
    • nora is dressed in a 'candy pink' dress
      • nora struggles with inner conflict as she battles the stereotypes of pink dresses yet finds herself taking her daughter to the 'girls aisle'


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