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  • A Minor Role, UA Fanthorpe
    • Form
      • Dramatic monologue
      • 1st person narrator
      • 7 stanzas if uneven lengths
      • Single line stanza at the end
      • Some direct speech to reader
      • Enjambement across some lines
      • One line stanza emphasises the importance of the carer
      • Listing technique emphasises the mentality of caring
    • Meaning of the poem
      • About a carer who describes the isolation she experiences because of her role
      • About an ill person (cancer) who experiences isolation due to the medical treatment
      • Fanthorpe criticises the control the medical profession has over us
      • The reader sees how the illness has had a profoundly negative effect on the narrator's life
      • The narrator is disillusioned with how society devalues language and doesn't care how she really is
      • The narrator sees herself as subservient - she must 'sustain' the 'background music of civility'
    • Language analysis
      • Subseviance:'My servants patter', 'sustaining the background music of civility', 'Not the star part'
      • Being minor: 'Not the star part', 'Midget moments', 'consultants' monologues'
      • Rejection of her role: 'I jettison the spear, the servants tray', 'I am here to make you believe in life'
      • Criticism of the medical profession: 'Consultants monologues','ceremonial delays'
    • Important Themes
      • Subserviance
      • Power held by others over us
      • The role of carers
      • Isolation
      • Estrangement
      • Societal failures


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