A01 characteristics of phobias

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  • A01 B, E + C characteristics of phobias
    • Behavioural
      • We respond to fear by behaving in a particular way. Reaction is same even if fear is irrational
      • Panic
        • Cry, scream or run away
        • Children -> freezing, tantrums, or clinging
      • Avoidance
        • Many avoid their phobic stimulus
        • Can interfere with work, education or social life
      • Endurance
        • Choosing to stay with phobic stimulus
        • e.g. watching spider instead of running away
        • Treatment
    • Emotional
      • Anxiety
        • Phobia = anxiety disorder
        • Difficult to relax / experience positive emotion
        • Possible long-term
      • Fear
        • More intense, but shorter than anxiety
        • Immediate response to phobic stimulus
      • Unreasonable response
        • Anxiety/fear is disproportionate to any threat
    • Cognitive
      • People with phobias process information about their stimuli differently
      • Selective attention
        • After seeing stimuli it is hard to look away
        • Good in times of threat but not when it is irrational
      • Irrational beliefs
        • Phobia -> can cause unfounded thoughts relating to the stimulus
        • -> increased pressure to perform well
        • ie does not have basis in reality
      • Cognitive distortion
        • Perceptions-> inaccurate and unrealistic
    • Excessive fear triggered by an object, place or situation
      • Specific phobia: object or situation
      • Social phobia: social situation
      • Agoraphobia: outside or public place


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