A01 definitions of abnormality

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  • A01: Definitions of abnormality
    • Statistical infrequency
      • When an individual has a less common characteristic
      • Displayed by a normal distribution graph
      • Example: IQ
      • Behaviour  must be quantifiable
      • Two standard deviations from mean
    • Deviation from social norms
      • Behaviour that differs from accepted standards of behaviour
      • Norms are specific to cultures / generations
      • Laws/social norms are not always the same
    • Failure to function adequately
      • Unable to cope with ordinary demands
      • Eye contact / personal space
      • Experience severe personal distress
      • Irrational or dangerous
    • Deviation from ideal mental health
      • When someone does not meet proposed criteria
      • Must self-actualise
      • Must have good self-esteem
      • Must be independent


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