A03 definitions of abnormality

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  • A03 Definitions of abnormality
    • Statistical infrequency
      • Quantitative data makes it objective and non-bias
      • Helping diagnosis makes it useful
      • Doesn't consider culture making it bias
      • Only works for quantifiable behaviour
      • Unusual characteristics can be positive (IQ)
    • Deviation from social norms
      • Easy to conceptualise
      • Socially deviant behaviour can be positive
      • Culturally bias as behaviour can differ
      • Socially sensitive to judge behaviour without understanding background
    • Failure to function adequality
      • Definition actually looks at experience, distress of patient
      • Criteria is evidence we can observe
      • Difficult to measure distress as it is not standardised
      • 'Failure to function' is sometimes a normal reaction, e.g. grief
    • Deviation from ideal mental health
      • Suggests how people can improve MH
      • Socially sensitive as difficult to meet 'ideal'
      • MH can be interpreted differently
      • Criteria is form 1958, outdated
      • Linked to Western culture: culturally relativist


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