A3 Unit 2

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  • A3- Specific responsibilities of people who work in health and social care setting
    • Equality Act 2010
      • This replaces the existing anti-discrimination laws with an single Act.
    • What is discrimination
      • This is where individuals who are in a group.
        • Its all about disadvantages in the group and everyone compares themselves to others.
    • Empowering individuals
      • This is where the HSC professionals empower certain individuals who struggle.
      • Empowering service users are a good thing because they would be able to help the service users to be more confident.
    • Protected characteristics
      • Age
      • Gender reassignment
        • Sexual orientation
      • Marriage
      • Disability
      • Race
        • Pregnancy
      • Religion
      • Sex gender
    • Humans rights Act 1998
      • This is where the professionals are protecting the service users rights.
        • Which will help the service users not to feel different then the others.


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