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  • A bird came down the walk
    • First Stanza
      • Personification- "He"; she uses a 3rd person pronoun to compare the bird to a human which creates a lack of familiarity
      • Semantic field of aggression -  "ate the fellow, raw"
      • Rhyming Couplet - "raw", "saw"
      • Use of basic verbs "bit", "ate" which makes him seem human
    • Second Stanza
      • "And then hopped sidewise to the wall" she personifies him to be a gentleman
      • "Grass", "pass" rhyming couplet - ABCB rhyme scheme
    • Third Stanza
      • "They looked like frightened Beads" - Simile & Animalism - the beads are given human features
      • "he glanced with rapid eyes" the adjective shows fear. The bird is now the prey - Change of perspective
      • "He stirred his Velvet Head" this shows importance. Enjambent; there's a change of tone, theres a different interaction between the speaker and bird
    • Fourth Stanza
      • "I offered  him a Crumb" this suggests that the bird is full; the bird doesnt  need nature to survive
      • "And he unrolled his feathers" - Metaphorical; the bird is flying. Personification- rowing instead of flying
      • "Rowed" - Quite, calm, doesnt disturb wate -  peaceful, unlike flying
    • Fifth Stanza
      • "Too silver for a seam" the birds flight is being compared to the smooth movement of a boat. Creates a elegant, beautiful image


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