a view from the bridge act 1 part 2

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  • A View From the Bridge Act 1 Part 2
    • Eddie immediately raises objections when Catherine says she wants to go work in a office near the Navy Yard.
    • Eddie says he wants Catherine to complete her education and that he doesn't like the people she will meet on the navy yard.
    • Beatrice gets angry when Eddie rejects her advice to let Catherine have her freedom.
    • Beatrice persuades Eddie to let Catherine go to work and she acts very emotionally.
    • For a moment there is real warmth while Eddie allows them to be a family but says how much he will miss Catherine.
    • The imminent arrival of the cousins changes the atmosphere as Catherine worries about hiding their identity.
    • Beatrice tells story of Vinny Bolzano, an informer and how he became an outcast for informing on his uncle.
    • There is a quiet moment when Eddie tells Catherine he never expected her to grow up.
    • When she leaves the room Eddie asks Beatrice why she is always angry with him, something she denies.
    • Audience become aware of Eddie's reluctance to let Catherine go.
    • Beatrice shows her strength of character when she stands up to Eddie and he accepts she is right.
    • Catherine is shown as unselfish when she thinks of the immigrants before herself.
    • Tension between Eddie and Beatrice shown.
    • Eddie is shown as vulnerable and appears lost when told Catherine is going to work and cannot stand the thought of it.
    • Catherine lights Eddie's cigar for him showing her innocence and naivety. She loves Eddie but cannot see how obsessive he is over her.


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