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  • Abuse
    • Safegurading
      • Protecting the vulnerable from abuse and maltreatment
      • Preventing harm to their health or development
      • Ensuring children grow up with the provision of safe and effective care
      • HSC settings have safeguarding policies which all professionals must follow
      • Safeguarding policies must be taken place if diclosure happens
      • There are DSL (Designated Safeguarding Leads) in charge of safeguarding
    • Disclosure
      • Direct
        • When a person intentionally chooses you as a trusted adult to disclose information about abuse/ neglect
      • Indirect
        • When a person shows indications of abuse which others noticed through observation
      • What to do when someone discloses abuse or neglect
        • Give the service user your full attention
        • Maintain a calm appearence
        • Do not ask too many or leading questions
        • Reassure the service user that this is the right thing to do
        • Do not make promises you can't keep
        • Refer to your DSL


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