AC 1.2 - police

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    • roles
      • secure crime scenes
      • gather + secure evidence
      • maintain order
      • interview people
      • investigate + arrest people
      • issue out cautions + fixed penalty notices
    • visible form of social control
    • first to a crime scene
    • 43 police forces in England and Wales
    • relationships
      • CPS
        • relationship isn't always good
          • CPS was established in 1986 following the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985
            • did this to avoid police bias
        • police send the CPS files so they can decide whether to prosecute
          • CPS advise the police in the early stages of an investigation
          • CPS determine appropriate charges in serious / complex cases
      • courts
        • police can give evidence as expert witnesses
        • police ensure safe delivery of prisoners to court
      • prison services
        • police travel to see inmates who don't have bail who are awaiting their trial date
        • police can send offenders to prison whilst they are on bail
        • police transport offenders to prison
        • prison services facilitate interviews with prisoners involved in ongoing police investigations
      • probation services
        • close relationship
        • police may need to re-arrest someone if their conditions are broken
          • creates another case for the police
        • police do regular checks for some on probation
          • usually sex offenders
        • police are responsible for managing sex offenders on release
          • following Sarah's Law


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