AC1.1 Description of Criminal Justice System in England and Wales

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  • Criminal justice system in Eng n Wales
    • AC1.1 Law creation and administration
      • CPS
        • Full code test
          • Public interest
            • Mature enough to take responsibility, understand the severity of the offence, they're a risk to the public
          • Evidential stage
            • Is it credible? Is it reliable? Is it valid? Be used in court? Material that may affect sufficiency of evidence? Authentic?
            • S.78 PACE
              • Rashen Charles-
        • Threshold test
    • Police
      • CautionPerserve Arrest
    • The Court
      • Prosecution and defence solicitors
        • Jury
          • Magisrates
      • Witness (testimonial) evidence
      • Appeals
      • Sentencing/advicing
    • Prison and probation
      • Develop recommend and implement treatment plans
      • Interview for regular update
      • Rehabilitate
      • Reform service
        • Inquest
        • Prison reform trust
        • HowardLeagueof Penal Reform


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