AC1.1- individual crime

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  • AC1.1-individual crime:
    • hate crime
      • definition: a violent act carried out by a person who has a pre determined prejudice and bias towards an individual
      • victims: protected characteristics: race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability
      • victims: CSEW- 2017- 2022         104 race incidents 42 religion, 23 sexual orientation, 50 disability, 7 gender identity
      • offenders: anyone with a discrimination against someone else - racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, islamaphobic, etc
      • criminal offences: assault, verbal threats, bullying, harassment etc
      • level of public awareness: on the rise as more attention is being brought to the problem through the big media movements
      • both criminal and deviant
        • laws: aggravated and intended hate crimes can get the maximum prison sentence for that crime with a start of 30y
      • unreported: fear, shame, culture bound crime, complexity
      • unreported: survey found 1 in 8 LGBTQ reported their most recent hate crime experience
      • RLE: 2021 gay couple Rob and Patrick were attacked by 5  random men outside a bar after being verbally assaulted- both were very hurt and Patrick was left with a concussion
    • honour crime
      • definition: the abuse or killing of an individual for supposedly bringing 'shame' upon the reputation of their family and or community
      • victims: usually women and young girls from south asian and middle eastern families
      • victims: 17,000 women in Britain are victims of a form of honour crime
      • offenders: typically are the men in the families e.g. fathers and uncles
      • criminal offences: FGM, forced marriages, assault/beatings, torture, murder
      • level of public awareness: low as the difference in cultural beliefs mean it isnt sometimes reported
      • both criminal and deviant
      • unreported: the police only pass forward 5% of cases to the crown prosecution services (CPS)
      • laws: FGM made illegal in 2003 if caught sentence to 14y imprisonment- jail for 2y for forced marriages since 2008
      • RLE: 2006- banaz mahmood was murdered and it was all arranged by her dad and uncle after she left her arranged marriage and started a relationship with another man
      • unreported: culture bound crime, fear, shame, lack of public concern
    • domestic abuse
      • definition: a pattern of controlling/ coercive and threatening behaviour that takes place within a relationship
      • victims: mostly women aged 18-24 who are single and have a low income / one in every 7 men will be a victim in their lifetime
      • offenders: typically more men however there are also females who abuse
      • criminal offences: assault, threatening behaviour, harassment, coercion, manipulation etc
      • level of public awareness: low as in most cases it stays in the house as victims are afraid to report
      • both criminal and deviant
      • unreported: 19% women and 49% don't tell anyone they have been abused
      • RLE: 2020 Abi Blake was nearly killed by her mentally and physically abusive husband but he only ended up spending 6 months in prison due to a legal loop hole
        • laws: can file for restraining orders also if killed abuser can spend average 2-6y for men and 15y for women
      • unreported: fear of repercussion, shame, culture bound crime


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