AC1.1- moral crimes

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  • AC1.1- Moral crime
    • definition: crimes that go against what society would class as normal and acceptable
    • victims: deemed as being victimless however the offender themselves can be seen as the supposed victim- people who are vulnerable, having trouble at home, recently unemployed, struggling with money
    • victims: 28,882 homeless people in the years 2021/22 with men constituting a high amount of this number
    • offenders: victims themselves, higher up drug dealers and people who allow gambling addicts to carry on
    • level of public awareness: quite low as people are ashamed to hide it also public empathise with them so don't see it as an extreme crime
    • unreported: number of reported cases of soliciting a prostitute in y2021/22 is 368 compared to 409 in y2018/19
    • unreported: lack of public concern, complexity, disinterest, not affected, shame
    • both criminal and deviant but more deviant
    • RLE: JJ Symonds aged 22 was fined a total of £197 for being in possession of 6 grams of cannabis
    • criminal offences: prostitution, vagrancy, under-age drinking, illegal gambling, illegal drug use
    • laws: fined for first time offenders, repeat offenders spend small amount of time in prison varies depending on the crime


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