AC1.1-State crime

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  • AC1.1- State crimes
    • human rights
      • definition: crimes and illegal doings committed by the state/ government or by a group representing them
      • victims: citizens and even outsiders that oppose the views and political beliefs of the government/ state
      • offenders: state officials, politicians, police officers
      • victims: 65% uk ethnic minorities say the police are bias against them
      • criminal offences: war crimes, discrimination, corruption, human rights violations, genocide etc
      • level of public awareness: very high as they get high media coverage and are very exposed however some countries are good at hiding their crimes
      • both criminal and deviant
      • laws: although most countries make their own laws there is international laws that make committing war crimes and mass genocide and human rights violations illegal and punishable actions
      • RLE: Armenian genocide 1915-17 -  90% Armenians in the Ottoman empire killed by the Committee of Union and Progress led by the young Turks
      • unreported: fear, lack of knowledge, complexity
      • unreported: 55% of deaths that occurred due to police brutality in the US go unreported


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