AC1.1-Technological crime

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  • AC1.1- Technological crime
    • e-crime
      • definition: also referred to as cyber crime, e- crimes use information and technology when being committed
      • victims: anyone with access to technology
      • victims: those aged 60-69 are most likely to be targeted by fraud artists online
      • offenders: anyone with access to technology and also people with the IT know how of how to commit these crimes
      • offenders: most hackers are men aged 34 and under
      • criminal offences: fraud, identity theft, scamming, child porography, cyber hate crimes, illegal streaming
      • level of public awareness: varies subject to the type of crime- identity theft is harder to know it is happening then illegal streaming or leaving hate comments
      • both criminal and deviant for things like downloading child porography and committing identity theft and running scams but some are just criminal like illegal streaming of movies and music and some are just deviant like leaving hate comments and trolling someone
      • RLE: 2017 Russian hacker   Roman  Seleznev plead guilty to being the leader of a $50 mill identity theft and credit card fraud ring and faces 24 years in prison added onto his pre existing sentence
      • laws: less severe crimes get up to 6 months in prison with a fine and the more serious crimes get 10 year prison sentence and unlimited fine
      • unreported: lack of knowledge, not affected, disinterest, lack of public interest
      • unreported: the department of justice have found that only one in seven cyber crimes are reported




I'm looking for information like this. This article is understandable and crystal clear. I'm getting to know this better. I hope you include additional information about it. A big thank you!

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