AC1.2- Common assault

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  • AC1.2- Common assault
    • personal: fear/ repercussion, police wont take seriously or be able to help, might be someone they know
    • personal: shame/ someone they know, might be in front of mates so wont want to report and seem weak
    • personal: disinterest/ if they haven't been hurt badly or even at all (verbal assault) then they might not be bothered enough to go through the hassle of all the paper work
    • personal: not affected/ witness wont report as they haven't been affected by the crime themselves and don't want to get involved
    • social and cultural: lack of knowledge/ person might not know how to report when they've been assaulted and so wont
    • social and cultural: complexity/ if there isn't enough evidence or it is someone they know then it makes it complicated to report
    • social and cultural: lack of media interest/ the media don't cover every assault case and therefore people wont see it as a crime that warrants instant reporting if seen they wont take it seriously
    • social and cultural: lack of public concern/ they don't care if it hasn't happened to them and don't see small assault cases as a big enough problem to report
    • social and cultural: culture bound crime/ some may agree with attacking others who are doing something wrong in their culture
    • RLE: 2022 man attacked in Leicester with a golf club in his flat by two unknown people who then fled the scene
    • stats: out of every 1000 assault and battery crime 627 a reported but only 255 lead to arrests


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