AC1.2- Domestic abuse

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  • AC1.2-domestic abuse
    • personal: fear/ repercussion, wont have anywhere else to live, consequence on children if they are in the house, they wont go to prison or will but will be back out again in a few months or years
    • personal: shame/ to admit that they have been overpowered and how would they appear to others, that they married or got into a relationship with this person and trusted them
    • social and cultural: complexity/ if that person is dependent financially even with kids it becomes complicated to leave them, might not know who to report it to
    • social and cultural: lack of knowledge/ person may not know that they are being abused and might not be able to spot the signs especially if its emotional and mental abuse
    • personal: disinterest/ outsiders wont report as they wont want the hassle of going through all the police and reporting procedures when the situation has nothing to do with them
    • personal: not affected/ a witness might not report as they believe that it has got nothing to do with them as as most DV cases dont leave the household they might not think anything bad is even happening
    • personal: fear/might not be believed if there is no physical evidence such as emotional abuse
    • social and cultural: lack of media interest/ as many cases of DV stay in house the media doesnt cover it much and therefore people might not think its that bad or even know the signs to look out for and then how to report it
    • social and cultural: lack of public concern/ public wont report if it doesn't affect them and if there is not a big enough concern from the public towards DV then people will be less inclined to report
    • social and cultural: in some cultures men beating their wives are the norm and is acceptable behaviour so it wont get reported by people who believe its okay and normal
    • RLE:Abi Blake was nearly killed by her mentally and physically abusive husband but he only ended up spending 6months in prison due to a legal loophole
    • unreported: 19% women and 49%don't tell anyone they have been abused
    • ES: choose crime/ reasons for unreported/ stats/ link to brief-infer/ RLE w reasons for unreported


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