AC1.2-Perceived victimless crimes

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  • AC1.2-Perceived victimless crimes
    • personal fear: witnesses might not report as they are afraid it can ruin someones life as they dont know their story
    • personal: shame/ for things like prostitution they might be embarrassed to report if a crimes happened
    • personal: disinterest/ it has nothing to do with them dont know their story dont get involved and wont report
    • personal: not affected/ victimless means they dont harm anyone so why get report and go through all the hassle
    • social and cultural: lack of knowledge/ might not even know what someone is doing is even a crime so wont report
    • social and cultural: lack of media attention/ media dont post about these crimes so people dont report as dont think it a problem or even a crime
    • social and cultural: complexity/ dont know why someone is committing these crimes so dont get involved they might need the money
    • social and cultural: lack of public concern/ public dont see it as dangerous so wont report
    • RLE: 2005, American international group ,insurance firmCEO -Hank Greenberg guilty of sock market manipulation and accountancy fraud of $4 bill/AIG forced to pay $1.6 bill fine to SEC
    • stats: 71% think arresting people for sleeping rough is a waste of police time,  estimated that up to 90% of white collar crimes go unreported


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