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  • ac1.3
    • the ripple effect
      • how crime impacts beyond the victim e.g family, wider community     also when a criminal repreatedly offends when not reported. crimianlity amplification
      • negative, can make crime rate increase
      • rhys jones 2007, whole community didnt help police out of fear , made catching killer harder
    • cultural differences
      • when an action is only illegal in certain countries/cultures so its not recognised or reported
      • fgm is legal/ accepted in certain cultures but not in the u.k, people from those cultures may still do it in the u.k despite its illegality
        • woman from uganda found guilty of fgm on her 3 year old daughter.
      • negative, crime can be hidden behind beliefs , can also create stereotypes/ folk devils
    • decriminalization
      • when a crime cannot be enforced as nobody recognizes it the government have to decriminalize
      • homosexuality, drug laws
      • positive, portugals drug use decreased, society became more inclusive
    • culture change (broken window thesis)
      • when an place looks rough (broken window) and is unrepaired people will think nobody cares, will led to vandalism because offenders think no one will catch them
      • people will typically police their neighbourhood until they feel its too unsafe, then they move or stay inside- lose informal social control
      • negative-normalises crime in that area
    • police prioritisation
      • this is due to:   limited resources, local population, the media and the home office.               police also have to focus on serious crime
      • victimless + petty crimes ignored
      • positive- more money for serious crime  negative- can lead to ripple effect
    • unrecorded crime
      • 90% of crime is reported
      • Thames valley & north Yorkshire police (2018) had 'inadequately' recorded reported crime
      • negative- victims not getting justice and offenders given opportunity to reoffend
    • legal change
      • if a crime goes unreported it appears to not be an issue
        • same sex marriage legalised, smoking criminalized
          • positive- 2007 smoking helped protect children           negative-over reporting leads to severe sanction (knife crime)
    • procedural change
      • procedures for reporting crime has developed- encouraging reporting
        • 1970-visting station, 999      now- victim support groups, tv crime stoppers, special forces,apps
          • positive- reporting is more accessable, helps deter


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