AC1.4- Factual

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  • AC1.4- Factual
    • newspapers
      • stats 1: 45% of people say that newspapers were their main source of crime news
      • example: The Sun report on shooting of Olivia Pratt-Korbel in liverpool
      • invasive, scaremonger, embellish
      • direct images- a photo of olivia in her garden smiling at the camera
      • 'gunned down at bedtime' 'left to die'
      • stats 2 : the sun is  Britain's official Number 1 news brand with 30.6M readers
    • ES: name media and whether its fact/fictional, stats 1, fancy lang, analyse imagery and quotes, stats 2, pos/neg representation
    • television- news
      • stats:  75% of people said television was their main source of crime news
      • stats 2: ITV reach 34.2m viewers a week
      • example: ITVs show reporting on the murder of Logan Mwangi who was killed by his mother, stepfather, and stepbrother
      • The reporter describes Logan as a ‘vulnerable’ and ‘helpless’ little boy who suffered at the hands of his ‘merciless’ family
      • imagery: the use of the invasive imagery of the home videos of Logan smiling and laughing
      • embellishes, invasive
    • social media
      • stats: around 15 out of every 1000 tweets have text related to a crime, or fear of crime
      • stats:  #truecrime has racked up a staggering  17.9 billion views
      • example: tiktoker truecrimebrit made a series of tiktoks on the scream case muders
      • invasive, embellishing, mis-represents
      • imagery: using the real videos of the crime being committed
      • "tragic case" "toxic" "horrifying" - shes pushing her views not staying impartial


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