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  • AC1.4-Fictional
    • television- film
      • stats 1:  around 20% of all films are crime movies, and around 50% of films have significant crime content
      • stats 2: oceans 11 the 5 highest-grossing film of 2001
      • example: film oceans 11
      • "“Was there a reason you chose to commit this crime” “my wife left me I was upset”/ “that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen”
      • glorify, embellish, glamourises
      • imagery: very flashy , nice suits fancy hotels, cool
    • gaming
      • stats 1: More than 90% of games have violence and some form of a crime in them
      • stats 2:  fortnite have between 2.9 and 4 million current players at any one time
      • example: fortnite
      • imagery: players dress up in funny costumes, unlock cool places on a map, never see anything graphic no blood
      • glamourises, mis-represents, embellishes
    • music
      • stats 1: 99.5% of 198 pop hits analysed referred to violent acts
      • stats 2: song has one billion  streams on spotify
      • example: murder on my mind by -YNW Melly detailing the time he killed his friends- confession
      • invasive, glorify
      • imagery used- lots of crimes being shown in a graphic way/blood everywhere, people committing the crimes look like they are having fun
      • "he died inside my arms blood all on my shirt" "wake up in the morning i got murder on my mind" "AK47s, Glocks"


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