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  • AC1.4
    • Newspapers
      • 'A Crime Of Pure Evil'- Killer Paralysed Love Rival with 500,000 volt stun gun and stabbed her 40 times - DAILY MAIL
        • invasive, scaremonger
        • Sarah Williams killed Sadie Hartley on her doorstep after becoming obsessed with Ian Johnston in an affair - had help from a friend to kill her.
        • 'bunny boiler .. pure evil' connote that she did this with no remorse
        • images of Sadie and her family make us feel more empathy for her children
      • estimated that newspapers give 30% coverage to crime
        • normally overepresents women and children as victims
      • showcases crime on front cover, involve love or politics
    • Television
      • Law And Order: Organised Crime
        • embellish, sensationalise
        • shows images of guns and murders with sex which may create suspense for the audience
        • based from real cases but the events that happen in the story are fictional. This can make audiences aware of real life crimes.
        • show usually begins with  discovery of a crime.
        • interesting stories which a continuous flow of narrative keep the audience intrigued.
      • heavy users of TV ( over 4 hours a day ) had higher levels of fear of crime.
    • Gaming
      • GTA
        • A game about gangs, drugs, prostitution and car theft.
        • Glamourised, glorified
        • Crime is condoned, more crime you commit, the more points you add to your level
          • images of a good lifestyle after committing crimes
        • Alllows you to win and play the game better when your points are  higher
        • FICTIONAL
      • under 18s can still somehow play a 18 game
      • 90% of video games depict violence
      • 2018- W.H.O named 'gaming disorder' as a mental illness - can lead to antisocial acts
    • Social Media
      • Gangs_WMP -Birmingham Organised Crime and Gangs Team Twitter
        • They aim to keep young people away from gangs to discourage anti social behaviour
        • A group fo officers aiming to reduce gang crime by collecting knives, drugs and guns
        • Scaremonger, Over represent
        • Since there is a group dedicated to fighting gang crime then gangs may disband or go undercover
        • FACTUAL
      • can be used to either stop or promote crime
      • 2013- 81 % of crime prevention involves SM
    • Music
      • Gangsta Walk C- Murder
        • Embellish, glamorised, glorified
        • 'smoke weed...  drug dealin days in the past' ***** tradin food stamps for cash' symbolise crimes, drugs, embezzlement , weed
        • anyone on the radio could hear this song and either relate to it or follow it
        • images of gang culture and weed, represent a community of people- suggests that it brings people closer
          • people who lack this kind of bond may find it through gangs
        • FICTIONAL
      • 99.5% of pop songs (198 analysed) referred to violence
      • music about crime has increased overtime
    • Film
    • Media Representation on crime


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