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  • AC1.4
    • newspaper
      • factual crime
      • The Sun-shooting of Olivia Pratt-Korbel
        • 'gunned down at bedtime' 'left to die'
        • direct images-the girl in her garden looking directly into the camera
        • invasive, scaremonger, embellish
    • television
      • faction
      • TV series-  the fall
        • invasive, embellish, glamorise, scaremonger
        • imagery used- the actor playing paul spector (the serial killer) is very good looking sexualising a criminal. also  there  is vivid imagery used during the killing scenes- crimes are heinous, repelling, horrifying
        • "I don't hate women, I hate everyone and everything including myself" "there is suffering all around us why not take some pleasure from it"
    • film
      • fiction
      • movie-oceans 11
        • glamourise, glorify, embelish
        • imagery used- very flashy wearing suits and staying at expensive hotels. visibly presents criminals as cool.
        • "was there a reason you chose to commit this crime" "My wife left me. I was upset. I fell into a self-destructive pattern." that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen"
    • gaming
      • fiction
      • Fortnite
        • the game tells you the name of the guns your using.
        • imagery used- characters dress up in cool funny costumes, the locations on the map are also exciting
        • glamorise, misrepresent,  embelish
    • social media
      • factual crime
      • tiktok true crime series on the Scream Case made by truecrimebrit
        • imagery used- using real videos of the crime being committed
        • invasive, embellishing, mis-represent
        • "the tragic case" "toxic friendship" "horrifying"
    • music
      • murder on my mind- YNW Melly
        • imagery  used- lots of crimes being showed in a graphic way blood everywhere and the people committing the crimes look like they are having fun and they are acting all hard
        • "he died inside my arms, blood all on my shirt" "Wake up in the morning, I got murder on my mindAK-47's, MAC-11, Glocks, and .9s"
        • invasive,  glorify
      • fictional


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