AC1.5- Changing public concerns and attitudes

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  • AC1.5-Changing public concerns and attitudes
    • explanation: the more the media report on a crime the bigger the problem will look to the public therefore influencing their concerns and attitudes towards the crime
    • stats: In 2016, knife crime was referred to 301 times - once every week day, In 2000, the term “knife crime” received one mention in the national press
    • example: knife crime has become a huge concern for the public over the past couple years
    • how did the media cause this: over reporting and scaremongering 'bloodbath' made public afraid and think it needs dealing with
    • example: the media over report teen crimes - drugs, gangs, violent fights, drinking makes them seem scary and a problem that needs dealing with
    • ES: Explain  impact , Give  example ,Explain how  media caused  impact, Another example, Stats on level of crime


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