AC1.5-Moral panic

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  • AC1.5- moral panic
    • example: 1960s mods and rockers two gangs who werent fighting but when media got involved they caused them to- made out they were dangerous
    • explanation: the overwhelming feeling of fear spread amongst a large group of people such as a community that a bigger evil lurkes outside threatening the overall safety of the community and society
    • example: HIV/AIDS when 1980s, media ran with the idea that gay people were spreading HIV around the world the homophobia created due to exaggeration by the media
    • stats:  the headlines estimated that 1,000 youths were involved however only 76 arrests were made by police
    • how did the media cause this: embellished , over-reported, scaremongering so police had to crack down resulting in the mods and rockers feeling like they might as well do what they are being accussed of


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