AC1.6-Crime survey for England and Wales (CSEW)

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  • AC1.6- Crime survey for England and Wales (CSEW)
    • definition: to measure the level of crime being committed against people from a household environment
    • how is the data collected: a victim survey
    • compare: lack of parity (equalness)
      • CSEW: Crime policies can be created with the victim in mind as the reports are from the victims themselves
      • CSEW: unreliable/ relies on victims memory, them telling the truth, victimless crimes arent included so inaccurate crime rates
    • strengths:
      • ethics: survey is confidential so victim will be anonymous which will make them more comfortable and likely to come forward
      • validity: victims first hand account no influence from anyone else including the police
      • reliability: surveys a large group of people, standardised procedures that are the same in both england and wales
    • limitations:
      • ethics: victims may worry that it wont stay confidential so wont come forward
      • validity: victims could over exaggerate and results could be biased and one -sided
      • reliability: not sent to every member of public so sample isnt representative of every social group


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