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  • AC1.6- Police recorded crime statistics (home office)
    • definition:  made with the purpose to allow the police to be able to efficiently analyse crime patterns and then as a result be able to create the appropriate policies and strategies
    • how can public access it: going online to the website   www.police.Uk then type their postcode in then will be able to view crime stats on a map, then they select different types of crime to see where offences were committed
    • streangths:
      • ethics: privacy for both victims and offenders as they cannot be identified from the data
      • reliability: data is based off of official police reports so will be reliable and accurate as the police have standardised procedures they must go through (national crime recording standards)
      • validity: police will receive first hand info from victims and offenders so it valid, police ensure all incidents are followed up and recorded
    • limitations:
      • ethics: personal/fear people wont want to report crimes
      • reliability: different police forces will have different procedures
      • validity: only 60% of reported crimes get recorded
    • compare: lack of parity (equalness)
      • PRCS: provides trends and patterns in offenders and crimes which tells the police where and what to prioritise
      • PRCS: not all crimes that get reported get recorded, doesnt include dark figure of crime


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