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  • Acquiring skill Movement
    • Classification Continua
      • Muscular Involvement
        • Fine- Intricate movements using smaller muscle groups
        • Gross- large muscle movements where there is little concern for precision
      • Environmental Influencer
        • Open-Movement skills effected by the environment
        • Closed- skills that are not effected by the environment
      • Continuity
        • Discrete- skills that have a clear beginning and end
        • Serial- movement skills that have a number of discrete elements that are put together to create a definite order
        • Continuous-skills that have no definite beginning or end
      • Pacing
        • Self pace- performers determines when the movement starts
        • Externally paced- determnied by environment
      • Differculty
        • Simple-little information to process and decsions to make
        • Complex-high perceptual load and many decisions to make
      • Organsiational
        • Low- subroutines easily sepertated
        • High- subroutines closely linked


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