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  • Acquiring skill movement
    • Theories relating to the learning of movement skills
      • Operant conditioning- involves the learner froming and strenghtening s-r bonds. The link between stimulus and response is called association
      • Cognitive theory of learning- learning is best acieved by presenting the skill in a realistic situation
      • Observational learning- involves copying the behaviour of other
      • Banduras model of observational learning- 1. attention to demonstration         2. Retention to demonstration
        • 3. Motor reproduction of the demonstration
          • 4. Motivation to match the performance of the demonstration
    • Transfer of learning
      • Positive - on skill enhances the learning of another
      • Negative - one skill hinders the learning of another
      • Proactive- previously learnt skill influence a skil been taught currently
      • Retro-active transfer- newly learnt skill influences a previously learnt skill


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