Actors Dressing Vase - prescribed source

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  • Actors Dressing Vase 450BC
    • What is shown on the vase
      • two actors/chorus member dressing
      • actor/chorus member putting on boots
      • actor/chorus member looking at mask on the floor
    • Red Figure, Pelike vase
    • Costume/ Masks/ Props
      • tragic costume
      • head bands worn under mask
      • full female tragic masks with hair
      • kothornoi - boots
      • identical masks suggest that they are chorus members
    • How is this vase useful?
      • evidence for tragic costumes and masks
      • evidence for what happens backstage in the skene
      • evidence that men play female roles
    • How is this vase NOT useful?
      • unclear what the man on the left is doing
      • we don't know what play this is for
      • what is the robe held by the man on the left used for?


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