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  • Adaptations
    • Organisms have survived in different environments because they have adapted to them.
      • Polar Bears
        • Large Fur surface area to keep themselves insulated.
        • Thick Layer to keep energy stored
        • Thick hairy coats- keep heat in, and greasy fur sheds water- to prevent cooling.
        • Artic animals
          • White fur to avoid predators and keep camouflaged
    • Desert Animals
      • Large surface area- lets animals loose more heat- stops them from over heating.
      • Efficient with water- Lose less water and make very little sweat.
      • Good in hot conditions- thin layers of body fat and a thin coat.
      • Comouflage- sandy colour to hide from predators.
    • Desert Plants
      • Small surface area- Lose Less water.
      • Water storage tissues- Cactus store water in their thick stem.
      • Maximising water absorption- Absorb water quickly and have deep roots to get underground water.


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