Africa Before the 1700

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  • Africa
    • Ghana
      • Large armies and almost total control of well hidden gold mines
      • It came into the history books around the eight century
      • They had good relationships with Muslim  traders
      • By the 11th Century, Ghana was taken over by the Soso Kingdom.
      • Sometimes called Wadgu or the Land of Gold.
      • Earliest Empire of Western Sudan.
      • Had a very developed Government
    • Ancient Egypt
      • It was developed over 5000 years ago and is one of the most notable of these civilizations.
      • It produced early forms of paper and writing
      • The Egyptians understood that the body relied on the Brian 1000 years before the Greeks
      • Known for its great monuments and Pyramids.
      • Developed the Calendar.
    • Mali
      • One of the most famous rulers of Mali empire is Mansa Kanka Musa
      • Musa apparently brought and gave away so much gold in Cairo that the value of it fell and did not recover for any years after
      • Musa was not the first emperor of Mali to follow Islam
      • Musa bought and gave away so much Gold.
      • When Musa was ruling, the value of Gold dropped.
    • Timbuktu
      • Many people think the place is a myth.
      • Timbuktu was as important as Rome, Athens, Jerusalem and Mecca.
      • It was part of the powerful Mali empire, which controlled the lucrative gold-salt trade routes in the region.
      • Central place of learning.
      • The name Timbuktu means Buktu's Well. Buktu was a women who found food and water for her animals.
    • European Views
      • Before the slave trade there were many links between Africa and European countries
      • Europe recognised that Africa was more advanced than themselves.


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