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  • After a Guilty Verdict
    • Imprisonment
      • Gillis and Nafekh
        • To investigate the effect on recidivism rates of a community-based employment scheme.
      • Dooley
        • To investigate all unnatural deaths that occured in UK prisons between 1972 and 1987
      • Haney and Zimbardo
        • A summary and suggested improvements to the prison system.
    • Alternatives to imprisonment
      • Mair and May
        • To investigate the experiences of offenders on probation.
      • Eberhardt et al.
        • To investigate whether there was support for the hypothesis that people with stereotypical black features were more likely to get the death sentence.
      • Sherman and Strang
        • To look at good practice of restorative justice and conclude its effectiveness of preventing recidivism
    • Cognitive skills programs
      • Cann
        • To find out if cognitive skill programs were effective in terms of lower re-ofending rates for a sample of female prisoners
      • Ireland
        • To asses whether anger management programs work with a group of young male ofenders
      • Wheatly
        • The use of acupuncture to treat drug addiction in prisoners


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