Ageing - Physical 2

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  • Ageing - Physical
    • Ageing process and brain function
      • Brain function begins to decline
      • Short term memory and the ability to learn new materials is affected relatively early
      • Words and vocabulary may begin to decline at 70
      • Cognitive and intellectual ability is usually maintained until the age of 80
      • Blood flow to the brain decreases with ageing
        • Especially with in an individual with cerebrovascular disease
          • Risk factors:
            • Smoking
            • High blood pressure
            • High cholesterol
            • Diabetes
      • Cerebrovascular disease
        • Affects blood vessels and blood supply to the brain
          • If blocked it can prevent the brain cells from getting oxygen and can result in brain damage
    • Dementia
      • A syndrome associated with an ongoing decline of brain function
      • May have problems with:
        • Memory loss
        • Thinking speed
        • Mental sharpness and quickness
        • Language
        • Understanding
        • Judgement
        • Mood
        • Movement
        • Difficulties carrying out daily activities
      • A person with dementia is likely to experience problems with:
        • Understanding what is happening around them
        • Communicating
        • Reasoning
        • Finding their way
        • Remembering recent events
      • Vascular dementia = restriction of blood flow to the brain
        • Can be triggered by a stroke
    • Alzheimer's
      • Most common form of dementia
        • Onset is a slow process involving though function of the brain
      • Difficulty with short term memory
        • These symptoms increase as the disease worsens
      • Unable to recognise family members
        • Usually begins at 60
          • Increased risk if it runs in the family
          • No treatment, prevention, or cure
    • Reduced absorption of nutrients
      • Need a more protein-rich diet to support cell growth and repair
      • Vitamins = essential for our body growth, vitality, and general well-being
      • Minerals = Required for our body to function
      • Vitamin D = good health and absorbing calcium
        • Vitamin C = wound healing, forming and maintaining healthy tissues
          • Iron = absorption may be reduced
            • At risk of iron deficiency anaemia
              • Water = digesting food and absorbing nutrients
                • As we age we lose our sense of thirst
                  • At risk of dehydration


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