Ageing Population

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  • Ageing Population
    • General consensus
      • In 1971 the average age in the UK was 34.1 years
      • By 2013 it was  40.3 years
      • By 2037, projected to reach 42.8 years
      • The number aged 65+ equaled the number ofunder 15s for the first time in 2014
    • Factor that have cause the ageing population
      • 1.) Increasing life expectancy
      • 2.) declining infant mortality
      • 3.) declining fertility
    • Effects of the ageing population
      • Public Services
        • Older people Consume a larger proportion of services, e.g health + social care than other age groups
        • This is particularly true of the 'Old old' (typically defined as 75 or over) as against the 'young old' (65-74)
        • However we should beware of over-generalising, since many people remain in relatively good health well into old age
      • One person-pensioner households
        • Number of pensioners living alone has INCREASED
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