Neural Mechanisms in Aggression

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    • The Limbic System: amygdala and hippocampus, serotonin
    • Subcortical structures in brain thought to be closely involved in regulating emotional behaviour including agg.
    • The reactivity of the amygdala has proven to be an important predictor of agg behaviour.
    • Most IMPORTANT structure is amygdala.
    • Amygdala is responsible for evaluating emotional importance of sensory info and prompting an appropriate response.
      • HIPPOCAMPUS - involved in formation of long term memories so comparisons can be made between current threats and past experiences.
  • James Papez 1937 made the first link to limbic systems to emotional behaviours such as agg. Later revised by Maclean 1952.
  • They identified the limbic system as comprising the cingulate gyrus, septal area, hypothalamus fornix, amygdala and thalamus.
  • Key role in human and nonhuman animals in how an organism assesses and responds to environmentalthreats and challenges.
  • If amygdala malfunctions, levels of testosterone can be raised.


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