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  • An Inspector Calls
    • Characters
      • Mr Arthur Birling.
      • Mrs Sybil Birling.
      • Eric Birling.
      • Sheila Birling
      • Gerald Croft
      • Edna
      • Eva Smith / Daisy Renton
      • Inspector Goole.
    • For this section of the paper
      • Cover AO1 and also AO3
      • AO1 - maintain a critical style and develop an informed personal response.
      • AO1 - use textual references, including quotations to surport and illustrate interpretations.
      • AO3 - show understanding of the relationships between texts and the contexts in which they are written.
    • 1912
      • When the play is set.
      • WW1 would start in 2 years time. Mr. Birling views on war not happening are seen as foolish.
      • Strong distinctions between upper and lower classes
      • Women were subservient to men. No real role except wife and mother
      • Ruling classes felt nothing needed to change with the ruling of the country.
    • 1945
      • When the play is wrote.
      • WW2 ended. People were recovering from nearly 6 years of warfare danger and uncertainy.
      • Class distinctions had been greatly reduced due to the 2 wars.
      • As a result of war, women had earned a move valued place in society.
      • Great desire for social change after labour won this year.
    • Background
      • J.B Priestly was born in a working class family in Yorkshire in 1894.
      • He fought for England in WW1.
      • He went to study political science and literature at Cambridge university.
      • After WW2 he hosted a radio show on the BBC which was attacked for being to left winged.
        • Left-wing = On the side of Labour
    • J.B Priestley's beliefs about the time
      • Priestly was very concerned about social inequalities.
      • Women and lower class people were inferior
      • To stop the beliefs that he didn't like he set up a new political party called the common wealth.
    • Capitalism
      • A political system in a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners (bosses).
      • Low wages
      • Expensive products.
      • Mr. Birling is an example of a capitalist.
    • Socialism
      • A political system in which a country's trade and industry re controlled by the community (workers).
      • Poverty should be abolished.
      • Everyone should be more equal
      • An example of a socialist is J.B Priestly.
    • What makes a good inspector ?
      • Pretext phone call
      • Interrogation questions
      • Isolation
      • Rapport building
      • Waiver of rights
      • Open questions
      • Accusation
      • No denials
    • PEACH
      • Point
      • Evidence
      • Analyse
      • Context
      • How audience feels




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